So ... we’re at the end of a two-day story workshop event called the FEAST.

We treated 25 global marketers to 2 days of training on how to be better storytellers.

The email we sent to everyone had the subject line, “Feed Your Head,” and feed them we did.

We served up special guests, a patient with hemophilia who does YouTube comedy, and a team of HEOR experts designed a managed markets game to play. We had a cooking class that paired food and story, where the winning team made “haunted chicken” (essentially just a really thick cream sauce).

We taught 10 trends in gamification and did a blind wine tasting event, naming a Master Sommelier from the ranks. We even went to UCI and had a start-up competition to judge grad students pitch prowess. But after all that, we’re going out to dinner down the street. How do we put into words all that we’ve experienced over the last two days? How do we thank our clients for trusting us and allowing us to change the game in the name of team building? Our toast that night was a poem, and here was the last stanza:

But the time has come
For this FEAST to end.
You came here as colleagues
You’ll leave here as friends.

So ... special.

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